Doll or Deity?

Meet Ix Chel

I recently came into possession of a little doll. I found her in my car and am still unsure of how she got in there. She is colorful and bright, fits in the palm of my hand and carries an offering of corn kernels and dry beans. She wears a dress woven from every color, a yellow yarn hat, and keeps her hair in braids, although one is coming loose.

I decided to name her. “Luna, Gaia, Pacha Mama,” all came to mind.

I looked at her again. She resembled an indigenous Guatemalan woman. The woven fabric of her colorful dress, her simple innocence and smiling eyes, her medicine, all came alive as I read her name aloud and discovered for myself the Mayan Goddess Ix Chel.

The name Ix Chel, I learned from various Google searches, means “Lady Rainbow.” Ix Chel is the Mayan Goddess of the Moon, the Goddess of Water, and a powerful healer, medicine woman and midwife. She is the legendary lover of the Sun, and so much more. Here she was in my hands, and the more images I found portraying her online, the further I was convinced that this little doll was indeed Lady Rainbow.

Everything makes more sense in context, however, and so now I must explain why the little doll I found may actually be a Deity. I started studying and practicing Core Shamanism over a year ago. I’ve been preparing myself in all ways to be the best guide I can be for the Eco-Yoga Retreats I’d be hosting through the wilds of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The Spirit of Nature, in all its expressions, has always been my biggest influence and greatest teacher.

It was my love for creatures that lead me towards the path of Shamanism. Learning the medicine, power, and spiritual significance of animal totems inspired me, and it was this inspiration that guided me to learning the art of journeying. All journeys, I discovered, are guided by the strength of our intentions. It is this principle that gave me the confidence to create NATURA’s first journey “Mystic Mountains and Rainbow Medicine,” happening this February in Costa Rica.

Journeying along the Rainbow within is what it’s all about, clearing the chakras, awakening Shakti, becoming Rainbow Medicine. It is said that one needs the guidance of an enlightened spiritual master to awaken Kundalini, or the sleeping serpent known as the Goddess Shakti that lies dormant at the base of the spine. Once awakened, Shakti or life force, the Goddess, journeys upward through the Chakras to meet her lover, the God Shiva, or Consciousness, and the two lovers unite, becoming one.

I have put a lot of faith in my intentions and all my trust in spirit. I have asked the Goddess to be my guide and guru, my spiritual teacher, to show up, heal and enlighten my Rainbow within. And I think she has! Spirit works in mysterious ways. I know most of you will think me crazy, but some of you just might believe Ix Chel is not just a doll, but a Deity!

There is still space on our Rainbow Medicine Journey for those who are ready for the Rainbow and want to join in the magic. Feel free to check out the link to NATURA’s website and Facebook Events Page here:!mystic-mountains–rainbow-medicine/c15vu

As for Ix Chel and I, our Rainbow Journey has just begun! You can follow us on Instagram for inspiration, magic, fun and decide for yourself if this little doll really is a Deity!

And remember, there is no end to a Rainbow!









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