Meet the Mystic

They call me Hannah.

I’m a wild-hearted wanderer.

A creator to no end.

I write the words as they come to me.

 It is love and truth I send.

I pray that they will find you,

and kiss the magic in your heart.

No matter the distance between us,

our worlds are never too far apart.

So dance like I am dancing,

and become the prayer you speak,

I give you my sacred writings,

as an answer for all who seek.

She Belongs

Hannah Donkersloot is an artist, natural horsewoman and spiritual explorer deepening her roots and expanding her wings in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Raised in a small fishing town in Southwest Alaska, Hannah grew up with a great sense of wonder of the world and affinity to the wild. In college, Hannah studied Art, Dance, Yoga, Theatre, Philosophy, Astronomy, Biology and Natural Horsemanship. After completing a degree in Fine Art with a minor in Biology from the University of Montana in 2007, Hannah lived and traveled around the world.

Hannah went from living in Hawaii to New Zealand, and onward to Egypt where she spent a year working with Arabian horses and living her dream riding horses as a guide and trainer through the vast Sahara Desert.  She ventured on to live in Australia where she trained endurance horses, stalked herds of wild brumbies by foot, and pursued SCUBA-diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Along her journey, Hannah befriended herds of wild horses and pods of wild dolphins.  She even sought out the opportunity to swim fin to fin with a frenzy of grey nurse sharks in their natural breeding grounds at Wolf Rock. She has traveled in Paris, Amsterdam, Fiji and throughout North and Central America diving deeper into the world’s rich cultures, arts, and spiritualties.

Since moving to Costa Rica in 2010, Hannah has been on an inner journey learning and practicing Yoga, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Divine Feminine Wisdom, Sacred Dance, and Shamanism. She received her 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga Specialist Ashley Ludman in 2011 with an emphasis on community development. She has since delved into the healing arts, completing Reiki Levels I and II and a Cranial Sacral Therapy Gateway course with Revive Healing Arts teacher and healer Karen Gordon of Monteverde. As a student and follower of Achintya Devi, Hannah strives to live and embody Moon Goddess Wisdom and the power of the Divine Feminine. She is currently in her second year of study as a Shamanic Teacher in Training via Dr. Steve Serr’s Shamanism101 program learning Core Shamanic Practices on the path towards Recovering a Sacred Earth.

Hannah’s unique offerings through NATURA are a magical blend of wild insights and universal power combining the sacred arts and ancient wisdoms on a creative path towards liberation and unity for all.


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