Journey with Hannah

Hannah Donkersloot is a creative artist and yogini growing roots and expanding wings in Monteverde, Costa Rica! With a spirit for travel and adventure and an affinity to the wild, Hannah relishes taking her yoga experiences off the mat and into nature. Hannah invites spirit and universal energy into the yoga experience with a combination of Ayurvedic teachings, chakral understanding and alignment, development of intuition through meditation, and connection to the divine.

Hannah was raised in a small fishing town in Southwest Alaska and grew up with a great sense of love and wonder for the natural world. She has lived and worked around the globe exploring art, horsemanship, photography, scuba-diving and culture throughout the United States, Central America, Canada, Hawaii, New Zealand, Egypt, Australia, Paris, Amsterdam, and Fiji.

 In college, Hannah studied Art, Dance, Yoga, Theatre, Philosophy, Astronomy, Biology and Natural Horsemanship at the University of Montana before completing her degree in Fine Art with a minor in Biology in 2007. Hannah received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Monteverde from Ashley Ludman in 2011 and has since been on an inward journey exploring the countless benefits the yoga practice, along with its many avenues and power for transformation.

 Hannah teaches an array of Hatha-Yoga classes around her home in Monteverde, from relaxing yin and spa yoga classes to active Vinyasa flows. Hannah accommodates each yoga practice she offers to the individual’s personal needs. She inspires her students toward right action through the pursuit of pleasure, celebration, positive thinking and a dedication to their own visions and dreams. Hannah is a co-creator of NATURA and ready to share her unique offering with the world.

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