Spirit Within

Spirit Within contained in me,

Flowing like electricity.

Spirit Within so vast and Free,

Forever Boundless,

Both Full and Empty.

Spirit Within that guides my Way,

Riding the currents of every Day.

Spirit Within that’s shinning Now,

A Light that says I do know how.

I close my eyes and feel you there,

In a Timeless Dance,  We’re Fire and Air.

Somehow we have came to Be,

Walking through Eternity.

Upon this Earth We Dance and Run,

The Spirit Within Shines in Everyone.








Coming From the Other Side

Oh Mighty Warrior, Oh Chief of All Clans,

Oh Tribal Lord God, Come and Take My Hand…

Help me Understand…

How can we Heal this Land?

Through the mist and beyond the Veil,

From the breath within my bones,

I heard the Wind’s Voice Wail…

“Have Faith in Your Freedom,

Have Honor in Your Heart,

Have Love for the Life Around You.

That’s a good place to start…..”

Oh Mighty One, Shinning on me now,

Gift of the Holy Spirit,

Flame of the Sacred Vow,

To You I Bow. To You I Bow. To You I Bow.

To You I Bow and Beat the Drum,

For You I Sing “Freedom for Everyone.”

As Lightening Strikes and the Stars Shine Down,

I Pray that Love is Forever Found.

I Raise my Head and Heart to You,

I See our Journey is Far from Through.

I Thank You and Offer All my Pride,

You Take my hand and say “Let’s Ride.”

And We Ride….

Coming From the Other Side.


I Honor You

All those who’ve come before me,

All those who lead the way,

All those who walked and danced and praised the Earth,

So that I could be Here today.

All those whose bones lay grounded,

Who’s ashes have blown away,

All those of my past relations,

Who lived and loved and prayed.

All those whose wisdom swims within my blood,

Even from the ancient days when the World was a Great flood.

All those who speak now, their voices carried on the wind,

Guiding our Direction as we face the Unknown again.

Endless Lineage of Vast Connections,

You Live on Today in Infinite Reflections.

I honor you. I pray for you. I thank you.

Your Voice is my voice. Your my Power.

Your Life my Life.

Eternally Living As One.

You made the way, so that I could be here today.

I Honor You.

She Who Burns

She who burns at both ends.

She who worships the Sun and Moon.

She who belongs to the Earth and Her Oceans.

She who won’t back down.

Rising from burnt ashes as the Flame,

She Burns.

Gathering the Circle, Calling the Guards,

Sounding out Her Call…

She is the Siren.

She is the Wildfire.

She is the Southern Sun burning in the Dark.

A Beacon Beneath the Veils of Illusion, She Burns.

Igniting a Bridge Between the Worlds,

Where the Blaze of Love between Light and Dark Births Life Eternally.

Held in the Fires of Creation,

Her spark Lights up the Occasion,

Her’s are the flames of temptation,

And beyond the Dance of Damnation….

It is She who holds the Fire of All Sacred Desire.

It is She who burns bright Red.

It is She Who Rises to greet the Heat of Passion in the Bed.

It is She Who Burns and She who’s burned.


Her ashes carried on the wind.


Blown away…..


She’s back again.

She’s the Burning Woman in Every Woman,

She’s the Fire You can’t fight.

She’s Lighting up the Night,

She’s in every candle’s light,

She’s Holding up Tonight.

She’s Back and She’s Burning Bright.


Wild, Witchy, Woman


She’s a Wild North Wind, mean with the men

Always coming round again, like a bear to the den.

She’s so Witchy and Wild, a Women Untame

She’s a face with no name, it’s all Beauty no shame.

Witchy and wild, so witchy and wild….

Witchy, witchy, witchy so witchy and wild.

Born from the Beast, Sent for the Feast

Here’s a lil-bit of taste of a Wild Woman race.

“She-devil” they called Her!

“She-devil” they claimed!!!

“She-devil” they said,

And prayed in Heaven’s name…..

Goddesssss, So Dark and Dead,

Rising from the Earth, and her flower bed.

She’s breaking the law, flowing icy and raw,

Carving thru the land, like a glacier in thaw.


She’s a She-Devil, Wild Woman, Witchy and Wise,

She’s Dancing with the Dark, in her lover’s eyes.

Heart’s raging, Fires thunder,

Sparks Flying the Tide is High….

Here the madness of creation as she cracks the sky.

She’s rising in the night, face is changing with the moon,

She’s the bud in bloom, bursting thru the cosmic womb…

Open up to the ancient prophesy,

Listen up now as she speaks thru me.

From Life thru death, she’s born to be…

Part of light and life.

She’s the dark you see!

She’s a She-Devil, Wild Woman, Witchy and Wise,

She’s Dancing with the Dark, in her lover’s eyes.

Look at her face now change from black to white,

She’s a wild, woman witchy sight.

Here how she howls,

She’s the wolf and loon,

Crying for her lover.

She’s the sun and moon.

She’s witchy and wild, a women untame

She’s a face with no name, it’s all beauty no shame.

She’s the She-Devil, Reborn from the tomb,

Resurrected from an unearthly doom, and she’s here in this room.


“She-devil” they called Her!

“She-devil” they claimed!

“She-devil” they said,

And prayed in heaven’s name…..

She’s the butterfly and maiden, she be flying free

Woman. And Wild.

She’s the mother fucking prophesy

Saying “You can’t burry me!”

She’s the garden and the secret,

She’s the snake that holds the key,

Witchy and Wise She’s our destiny.

So bow down to the Lady, and just let it be.

Pray Goddess, and Earth, and all of Nature too,

Will you dance with me so Wild and Witchy Free???

From Life thru death, She’s born to be…

Part of Light and Life, She’s the Dark you see!

“She-devil” they called Her!

“She-devil” they claimed!

“She-devil” they said,

And prayed in Heaven’s name…..

Heaven is Here on Earth and She’s a Wild-Witchy Woman…

Heaven is here on Earth and they call her “She-Devil”…

Heaven is here on Earth and She’s your Mother, Daughter, Sister…

Heaven is here on Earth and she’s in the room right now….

Witchy Wild Woman….

Darkness, Destiny

Witchy Wild Woman

Love is our Prophesy…..


NATURA’S Tribal Council

NATURA’S Tribal Council

This group is for the Wild Ones,

The Light Ones and the Dark Ones.

This group is for the Free People,

The Tribe of Countless Colors and Boundless Flavors.

This group is for the Global Leaders Rising and Risen.

For All the Wise Men and Women.

For the Healers and the Indigos, and the many Starseeds.

For the Warriors of the Heart, and Protectors of our World.

This group is for the Sages of Old, and the Yogis Anew,

For the Wandering Witches,

The Crazy Shamans and their Spirit Helpers too!

For the Gypsies and the Misfits, the Dancers and the Weavers,

The Mystics and the Dreamers.

For the Musicians and Magicians.

And the Radical Revolutionaries,

For the Faeries and the Poets,

The Prophets and The Priestesses,

For the Monks and the Monkeys.

For all the Creative Spirits and Creators of Destiny.

For the Ancestors and Legends who foresaw the Love Prophesy.

This is for all our Brothers and Sisters,

Righteous Kings and Queens,

Loving Mothers and Fathers,

and for the Wisdom Each One of us Brings.

May we Bless and Be Blessed.

May we find mutual support and inspiration thru shared visions and experiences.

May we Realize our Full Potential as individuals and as a collective.

May we Respect and Value our diverse and unique perspectives.

May we Celebrate and Create!

May we Live and Let Live!!!

For Freedom, For Fun, For Everyone!

We Are the Tribal Council,

We Are READYYY, We Are One,

See Us Soarrrr, Hear us Roarrrrrr.


Moonboat Ride

From Light to Dark,
From Above to Below,
As She Journeyed In the Spiral,
The Ocean’s Heart did Grow.

Her Wings took their form
As She surfaced through the Stars.
Rocking in Her MoonBoat,
Dancing with the Whales,
The Journey just beginning,
As Her Wings became the Sails.

Her Heart beat the Way,
Thru Infinity She Flew.
Flying Wing to Wing
With the Cosmic Breath She Blew.147552060913805-4