New Moon. New Beginnings. New World.

It’s a new day. A New Moon. A new cycle beginning.

From the dark stillness our world is dreamt into being and to the dark stillness we return, to release, to rebirth, to remember, to renew…..

The dark moon, the new moon, is a time for inner reflection. From the dark stillness, the unknown rises into consciousness. It is felt and sensed from the inside out, tip-toeing through our dreams, rippling in our fears, taking it’s seat beside our shadow. Be with it and let it be. Ride the currents down to the depths of your soul, where the source of your will waits to be recognized and replenished.

For most of us, this is the real work. Being still. Listening to the deep within. Facing the dark aspects of ourselves with complete devotion, and letting go. What layers have been worked through? What layers have left you stumped? What layers are peeling? What layers are healing?

What I love most about the New Moon is the energy of new beginnings, fresh starts. This is an invitation to shed off the old, release the past, compost what you can and consciously start over. From the dark stillness we become….thoughts, dreams, beliefs, words, and actions….the energy paves the way through our hearts and hands, we create the world anew.

Be wise with your ways. Learn from your mistakes. And be grateful to start again. Create consciously.

If you journeyed with us through this last lunar cycle, Congratulations on giving yourself the time and space to go beyond, to experience divine consciousness for yourself and the creative potentials both within us and around us. We are the only ones responsible for giving ourselves the gifts beyond ego’s grasp, to question our reality, to “crossover the threshold,” to deepen our relationship with Spirit, our connection to Nature, and our deeper self.

Our Journey continues now with the intention to both explore and experience the meaning of “Crossing over the threshold.” What does this mean to you? Have you had a successful experience of “Crossing over the Threshold?”

 Also, we have some deepening inquiry for those of you who initiated yourself during this last lunar cycle giving yourself your own journey experience….

-What journey were your more drawn towards? Were you more inclined to journey inward towards your inner self or take the journey out into the wild world? Why do you think that is?

-How did you experience your journey? Did you feel your way through the body? See the way in your mind’s eye? Hear guidance from within?  How did you experience your intuition?

– Has your intention changed? Why? Is your intention clear now? What is it?

We would love to hear about your experience! You are invited to be a part of our brand new NATURA Journeys Facebook Group, a place to share, explore, celebrate, and co-create a supportive community for your journey! Welcome! Join the Journey, introduce yourself, share your story…..

See You on the Otherside, NATURA


Speaks with the Wild


Would you be guided by the bending wood, the whipping wind, the buzz of the bees? Would you follow the bird’s song, the wolf’s howl, the gurgling brook? Would you let nature guide you into the unknown? Would you sit and listen to the wisdom of the wild?

Nature has always had its messengers, teachers, guides, oracles, and magicians. They were all wild things. Those who could read the signs and learn to speak with and for the wild would be the way showers for the others. To find food and water, shelter, hope, and learn new ways of being, Nature was and always will be the greatest of guides. Wisdom would come to us in the night, through dreams, or on sacred journeys to find and commune with Nature’s guides, be they trees, stones, seeds, rivers, winged ones, finned ones, hoofed ones or shining ones above and beyond.

The Gods of the Mountains and Forests were the Great Bears and Wild Cats, Birds of prey and beasts of burden, (as they’re called today.) Nature would speak to us through the animals. Nature would teach us through the powers they possessed. Nature would give us all that we needed, from sustenance to spirit medicine, beauty, art and music…..and still does.

Tragically, our world’s greatest teachers and guides are locked and caged in zoos and theme parks, unable to reveal the secrets of the wild, unable to express their unique power in the world. Others are threatened by extinction, while our own species has lost the ability to communicate beyond words. We have been taught to fear and conquer the wild, losing our trust towards one another along the way. For most, the reverence, honor, respect, and love for Nature has been replaced by mere entertainment. Instead of turning to Nature, we turn to sports, cinema, goal attainment, religion, and material wealth. And we wonder why society has left us struggling with drug addictions, violence and abuse, disease, and depression.

Yet, Nature is still there, just as beautiful, and creative as ever. Do not be fooled into thinking that we know it all. There is still much to be discovered, if it’s not destroyed first. We must recognize Nature as a powerful force capable of creating anything with the potential to surprise us all. Nature holds many secrets and is not bound by logic or reason. Nature can communicate in infinite ways and does so every day. Are you listening?

If you’re ready to restore your relationship with Nature, to learn the language of the wild, and to let Nature be a teacher and guide for you on your journey, let’s get started. Here are 5 steps towards communing with the powers of Nature around you…..

  1. Prepare Yourself.

Cleanse your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for communion with the divine. Cultivate a sense of honor and reverence towards Nature. Be grateful for the blessings of the natural world. The spirit of Nature exists in everything, including yourself, sometimes we just need to clear the space in our hearts and heads to be receptive to what is already there. Traditional methods of cleansing include smudging with sage, palo santo, or anointing one’s self with essential oils or consecrated water. Going deeper, be mindful of your diet, choosing healthy fruits and vegetables as an alternative to processed foods, and of course drinking plenty of water vs. sugary or caffeinated drinks. Alternatively, you could intentionally shower or bathe to purify, washing away any toxic residues in thoughts, feelings or beliefs that might interfere with you being an open, receptive channel.

  1. Set an intention.

Cultivate a strong intention to speak with Nature for guidance, wisdom, teachings, blessings, healing, or the like. The stronger your intention, your desire, the more potent your experience. Your intention will serve as a lens in which you perceive and interact with the world. Setting your intention is like setting your inner compass towards that which you seek, wish to experience, know, or cultivate within.

  1. Plan your Journey.

Choose a time and place. Treat this experience as a sacred pilgrimage into the unknown, however, do set some parameters for time and distance. The parameters work as boundaries for your experience to unfold in a set time and place. Your journey could be a half hour walk in the local park, a half-day hike in the woods, or a weekend camping trip. Plan it out. Tell a friend where you’re going and when you plan to be back. Pack a lunch. Turn off your cell phone and set to it with your intention strong and an open heart.

  1. Crossover the threshold.

After preparing in mind, body and spirit, with your journey just before you, repeat your intention three times aloud, and the mindfully step over an imaginary line. You can draw the line with a stick in the dirt if you like. This line represents you stepping over any barriers between you and Nature. As you crossover the threshold, know that Nature sees you, hears you, and is now sending you messages. Stay present to everything within your experience. Notice what grabs your attention. Perhaps there’s a bird calling, a solitary fluttering leaf, or a sparkling rain drop signaling you closer.  Look for the signs and follow them. Feel your way forward, back, or around. Trust the cues and see what you discover.

  1. Honor your experience.

Everyone has a different way of conversing with the wild. Some might find release and healing beside a flowing river, another may have found inspiration from a tiny seed, others might find insight from a spider’s web, a bird’s song, or a gentle breeze. You never know what you’re going to get, so don’t compare your experience with others. Do your best to interpret your unique experience for yourself as it relates to your life now. If you’re still left with questions, ask Nature rather than seek the opinions of others, and create more space and time for listening. Remember to always be grateful for whatever shows up for you, even the smallest grain of sand holds its own wisdom. Be reverent with the natural world and thank Nature for the experience.

The more we show up for Nature, ready and willing to listen to the wild and follow Nature’s lead, the more we will discover the miraculous, beautiful, and enchanting phenomenon surrounding us at every level. We are part of this magic, as the power and intelligence of Nature is who we are.

In Essence, NATURA





Wildness Within

“Wildness is often viewed as a bad thing, a state of being out of control. But this is not so, for it represents the primal state of natural things, beyond the reach of human interference. The Wild is a place of eternal elemental powers, which those who enter may contact. If we return to the wild periodically, either in reality or through an inner journey, we are offered the chance of deep inner psychic renewal. In the Wild, we can contact the ‘Wild Wo/Man’ within us, reconnecting ourselves with our inner instincts. Within the elemental powers of the Wild, the artificiality of the everyday world of human competition and banality is replaced by the possibility of communion with Nature, and the promise of fulllfillment of our true natural selves.”

-Nigel Pennick, Natural Magic

This Wildness Within NATURA Journey is threaded with core shamanic practices to guide us towards a deeper merging with universal spirit. Discover the many teachers within nature, the infinite voice of spirit and the messages they have for us through the ancient teaching of Core Shamanic Practices. United in ritual and diving deep into our own personal experiences, we learn to see, hear, feel, and know our world in a new way.
Our transformational experience takes us back to the practices of ancient spiritual traditions including ceremony, ritual, interpreting lessons from nature, the shamanic journey, song, dance and story. Prepare to meet and greet the spirit of the Osa Peninsula and her unbounded power while we take an inner journey to reveal our own wildness within. Discover the many teachers within nature, the infinite voice of spirit and the messages they have for us.


Our practice begins rooted in the eternal present uniting mind, body, and spiritual awareness. We explore myth and archetype, symbols and synchronicities, along with ancient beliefs and traditions. We walk an old path in a wild world, developing witness consciousness as we rekindle all our senses and learn to observe and feel through the lens of the sacred.

We learn to sing our soul song and dance ourselves into empowered ways of being. We interpret the teachings of Nature, guided from within, and explore the many ways she reveals herself to us. We open the faculties of the mind and explore the portals in between. We become the bridge, grounding powers unique to our own wildness within, and embodying them into the here and now.


Our journey takes us to the secluded nature wonderland of the untouched Osa Peninsula. This is where wildlife rules and we’ll be learning from it every step of the way. The Osa Peninsula is home to at least half of all the species that live in Costa Rica and declared “one of the most biologically intense places on earth” by the National Geographic Magazine! It is home to many of the country’s rare and endangered species including the puma, jaguar, Harpy Eagle and Scarlet Macaw.

The Osa Peninsula is a marine mammal mecca, being home to 24 different species of dolphins and whales, both migratory and residential. It is celebrated as the world’s best, both for whale watching and wildlife viewing. It is here that we begin our Wildness Within Journey, along the tranquil warm waters of Golfo Dulce. We will be diving into a flow of new insights, expanding perceptions and wild discovery as we come to know and experience the essence of the Osa.

Joining a team of local marine-life researchers who have studied the area for years, we journey into the heart and soul of experience itself. Imagine dolphins at play just beside the boat. Feel the swell and blow from whales breeching, surfacing, and swimming with their young. This is where magic is born and bred. This is where the wildness within rises up to breath.

To the humpback whales of the world, the Golfo Dulce serves as the legendary birthing bowl and protective nursing pool for whales from both Southern and Northern Hemispheres. Whales from the South journey up to 11,500 miles, some of them coming all the way from Antarctica, and can be seen in the Osa from late July to early November. Northern Hemisphere humpbacks arrive in Costa Rica waters around late October and stay until late April, making the Pacific and gulf waters of the Osa Peninusla one of the only places in the world where Northern and Southern Humpback whales co-exist.

With a large chunk of the peninsula forming Corcovado National Park, this area has the single largest expanse of a lowland tropical rainforest in Central America and is one of the tallest rainforests in the world. During our stay on the Osa Penninusla we’ll be joining a research team at El Chontal along the shores of Rincón de Osa to participate and gain insight with their study of the bottle nose dolphins that frequent the warm waters of the Golfito. Besides dolphins at play, we’re likely see the blow of humpback whales surfacing with young since the Gulf’s Caldera has been the birthing grounds and nursery for these gentle sea-giants for centuries.
After our initial stay at El Chontal Research Center diving into the Colfo Dulce’s whale and dolphin discoveries, we journey onward into the wild to Finca Exotica Eco-Lodge. Finca Exotica is the only beachfront property in this pristine area of Costa Rica, and the closest place to Corcovado National Park accessible by car. Corcovado is Costa Rica’s emerald gem. It is the pristine wild, abundant with a diversity of life, protected and preserved. Corcovado is alive in all ways. She is a land vast and varied, both pristine and rich beyond measure. Corcovado is home to some of the great mysteries of the wild like the Jaguar, Harpy Eagle, Tapir, Ant Eater, many wild cats, various monkeys, incredible bird life, and an array of insects that will blow your mind.

Check out NATURA Journeys for more information and stay connected with our Wildness Within Facebook Event Page. 

Keep it Wild!