NATURA Journeys

NATURA Journeys are a unique combination of wild adventure and mystical discovery uniting Nature, Adventure, Travel, Unity, Respect and Awareness. NATURA offers a unique way to experience the world and ourselves, by combining legendary destinations with Sustainable-Travel, Conservation, Education, and the Transformative Practices of daily NATURA Yoga & Rituals. Each NATURA journey takes you to a variety of both exotic and celebrated destinations, offering exceptional undertakings exclusive to each time and place, making the NATURA experience one of a kind. Each Journey is an invitation to step into the present moment, uniting mind, body, and spirit at one with the greater flow and timelessness of life.

 Our intention for creating NATURA is to offer the world transformative travel experiences in alignment with our natural world and inner spirit. NATURA is the combination of sustainable travel in sacred lands, encouraging discovery and education while transforming our world from the inside out.


Our ancestors considered animals their teachers and guides. Living at one with the cycles of life and in harmony with the natural world, the wise men and women who walked the Earth long ago learned to survive and thrive by observing wildlife and learning from these lessons.

Spiritual value and meaning was placed on all things great and small. Whether ant, mouse, bird, lizard, fish or powerful predator, it had something to teach us, a symbolic power, a medicine. Our natural world is still full of these gifts and teachings, the medicine is there for us to use in our own healing and journey.

NATURA aims to rediscover and experience nature through the eyes of the ancients, where we are open to receive the guidance and teachings from Mother Nature herself.



The experience of Nature, in its totality of understandings, is at the heart of all NATURA’s journeys. The word nature originated from the Latin word natura, or “essential qualities, and innate disposition.” In ancient times, natura literally meant “birth.” Drawing upon age-old wisdom from spiritualties around the world, NATURA offers journeys into the wild realms of spirit and beyond. Knowing that the nature within us is not separate from the nature that surrounds us, we delve into the wonders of the natural world to honor the essence of all things and evolve from mutual understandings. We take lessons from all life’s teachers. We ask, what is the nature of our world, this reality, ourselves included? What is the nature of experience in itself? We experience our own truths through our own processes. We live, we learn, we grow, and we become one with all as Nature intended.


Life is adventure and NATURA offers the best of the best. Our NATURA adventures are not limited to where we go and what we do, but how we perceive, interact and experience our world every step of the way. Our journeys offer unique challenges for the mind, body, and spirit, encouraging development towards all aspects of our being. Whether we’re climbing mountains, paddling rivers, diving into upward-facing dog, or exploring our own inner world through guided meditations, our adventures offer connections on a whole new level. We’ll experience different cultures, new ways of seeing our world, and discover that there’s an adventure in each moment with NATURA.


To travel is to discover and experience the many colors and flavors of life. Travel is also the greatest of teachers. The education is in life and the tests are as real as the rewards. Travel builds upon ones character and competence. We are taught to be flexible, capable, and prepared for it all. We see the world anew. Life unfolds in infinitely diverse ways, expanding our perceptions and opening our minds to what is real, based upon our experiences of it. Our travel experiences expand our horizons and ways of seeing, allowing for the unlimited discovery of our world and who we are within it.


NATURA is here to challenge your perceptions! Separation, dualism and the competitive mind-set that society portrays are put to the test. We are one world united! Mind and matter are one. Day and night create circle. Animals, Plants, Earth and Oceans are not just part of our experience, but alive and evolving with their own consciousness. We’re all in this together. The practice of NATURA Yoga invites us to reconnect to the unity within and encourages us to transform ourselves beyond separation, into Universal Wholeness.


Respect starts with the self and grows outward. When we begin to know and accept ourselves as we are, we learn to understand and honor our individual needs, limits, desires, perceptions, and beliefs. As we commit to our authentic selves, we learn to lead our lives with discipline and responsibility. As we work to create change and transformation on the inside, the process is reflected on the outside world. NATURA knows when our thoughts, words and actions stem from a place of love, respect, and honor, we can then positively influence the world around us.


NATURA offers a smooth path towards greater awareness. We believe true power is in the present moment, and we don’t want you to miss a thing. The practice of a sustained awareness, through presence and mindfulness, both of our inner world and what the outer reality manifests, is a consistent theme throughout our NATURA journeys. We are here to live fully, love deeply, learn freely and match each moment from a place of inner power. Awareness is our guiding light and answer to the ups and downs in the flow of life.


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