Winged Flame

From the Flames of a thousand colors,

From Ancient Ashes carried far and wide,

By the power of the Great Word,

On Wings of Enchantment I Rise and Glide.

Long Live the Free Bird.

Long Live Ecstasy.

Long Live the Magic threads Weaving Destiny.

Long Live the Phoenix and the Wild Realms She Reigns.

Long Live Her Dance of Rainbow Sparks and Flames.

I’m shaking off the ashes.

I’m Rising Fierce with glee.

I’m shooting Love in all directions.

I’m a Wildfire, Phoenix,

Flying High,

Burning Free.

I lift the old curse,

I burn what’s in my way.

I put the fears to good use as I transform the night to day.

I Rise up from the ashes on a Journey of bright array,

I Color all around me.

I am Love in Full display.

Ecstasy here to stay.

Piece of the Eternal Ray.

I’m the Free Bird, come what may.

A Phoenix Rising,

I am the way.










Spirit Within

Spirit Within contained in me,

Flowing like electricity.

Spirit Within so vast and Free,

Forever Boundless,

Both Full and Empty.

Spirit Within that guides my Way,

Riding the currents of every Day.

Spirit Within that’s shinning Now,

A Light that says I do know how.

I close my eyes and feel you there,

In a Timeless Dance,  We’re Fire and Air.

Somehow we have came to Be,

Walking through Eternity.

Upon this Earth We Dance and Run,

The Spirit Within Shines in Everyone.







I Am the Bird and I am the Feather


Dancing through time and space in perfect harmony,

taking on infinite forms,

Being boundless. Being free.

Creating and destroying, I am both unity and duality.

Yet always loving, no matter how fierce I must be.

In one moment that lasts forever I am both here and I am there,

a Goddess, courageous and clever…

I am the bird and I am the feather.

I fly to you now, through this poetry,

an expression of our truth and the Goddess within me.

May we sing, may we dance,

may we live each moment thru

the Goddess that breathes us all,

with hearts burning true.

Talk Amongst the Trees

I overheard on my walk today faint whispers through the trees.

I stopped to listen and all was still, even the falling of the leaves.

As I continued on my way, the grass again began to sway.

A gentle breeze blew by, and the limbs of the trees relaxed with a sigh.

I looked up and around then down, feeling in great company.

I heard a buzzing near the ground, and saw an insect hovering before me.

Its wings were purple, gold, and long, and it approached me buzzing a song.

Yet, I knew it was just a distraction, from the talking tree’s reaction.

The sun shone through to the forest floor,

and the surrounding foliage appeared to grow more.

I was rooted deeply where I stood, as if the earth below took hold for good.

I looked up towards the heavens and all I could see

was the canopy above looking down at me.

I felt a message, strong and clear,

As if the trees had whispered it in my ear.

I felt at home, safe, and free,

Like a little bird sheltered within a great tree.

And as I stood and listened, I heard the trees begin to say,

In a type of silent, mystery language, the trees began to pray.

What moment of pure reverence, complete serenity.

What delight, what great pleasure, what pure divinity.

I fell to my knees and listened, amazed by their symphony,

Rising tall throughout the forest, their branches dancing in harmony.

And so I began my dance with trees.

And wouldn’t you know I spread my wings.

They were purple, gold and long.

And soon enough I was humming along.

And to this day I say, we must walk through the trees and pray.

If we could all just talk to trees.

I know they’d pray for us and for our peace.

I know we would dance in harmony, becoming one with all divinity.

So if you walk through the forest and you hear a whisper stay.

For you might just hear the trees, and together pray.

One Home Together Forever

Not long after I started writing this blog I woke from a very disturbing dream. It was after I’d published my second post “Love without Light: Reclaiming the Heart of Darkness.” It was the kind of dream that wakes you from your sleep and lingers through the day. The kind of dream that makes you question and wonder, and ask why?

I was back in my hometown in Naknek, Alaska with my sister and her new baby, behind the wheel of my Dad’s old Toyota land cruiser. My sister held little Sara wrapped up in her arms. I was backing up, checking the rear view mirror, putting on the breaks to slow down. I stopped to shift gears and felt the tires stick, the sink, then sink again about two feet. And then we went under completely. We were swallowed into the Earth in an instant, mud pouring through the cracked window. We panicked. My heart sank, and then softened. Accepting our fate. I pulled them both in close to embrace in love, and then I woke up.

I revisited the dream several times throughout the day and even sent my sister a creepy message. It wasn’t until the evening that I started putting the pieces together from the topics I’d been exploring in my writing: Our Home, the Earth, Darkness, Dream Seeds, Family….Love without Light. That was it. The dark and dread of my dream put me there and I felt it. The three of us in the depths of the Earth’s belly, letting go, embracing only love. We would transform our fate. And now I wonder, what would we become?

One. One Loving Tree.

Home. Where three Birds Fly Free.

Together. We are the Roots and Wings.

Forever. Loving Eternally.

Lady of the River

I know a lady of the river, who walks along the banks.

Her feet are bare and heartened from the river walks she takes.

With legs long and limber, and so nimble when we run,

we skip and hop from rock to rock, and in the mud we slide for fun.

She answers all my questions, with a ripple or a wave.

We swim and dance together, and in the waterfalls we bathe.

If you could hear us sing together, how beautiful it would be,

It’s the voice of my mother and sister, when they sing with me.

Her hair is long and silky slick, tied up with the bones from the fish she’s picked.

And in this mane she carries nests, for a humming bird and a frog to rest.

From her heart a lotus looms, and a serpent uncoils within its bloom.

Below her hips the river flows, singing along as it goes…..

And when we float the river, or swim it like a fish,

the current takes us under and together we both wish…

With mouths wide open under water, we bless the river with our song

and our prayer becomes the water as it flows along.

We wish and pray always, that the river will flow free,

with waters true and of brilliant hue, on its journey to the sea.

It’s once we’ve finished praying that we sit and simply be,

the mystery of life flowing around us is our spirituality.

I gaze into the water, and meet my eyes to see,

the Lady of the River staring back at me.