Your Inner Wild

Welcome the growing stillness of this waning moon. With January’s first New Moon just ahead of us on the 26th, this is the time to go inward and honor a sacred pause. Give yourself the gift of retreat as we ceremoniously bring this lunar cycle to a close in gratitude for all we’ve shared, all we’ve received, all we’ve dreamed, and all we’ve worked towards throughout this powerful start to 2017. You are invited to surrender, breathe and just be.
We ended 2016 honoring December’s New Moon on the 28th, diving into the topic of Love as a Force of Nature” exploring the five ways you can open your heart and keep it open to be a conduit of Love and “a force of nature” yourself.  By Full Moon we journeyed out into the world, with the solid intention to begin our Sacred conversation with Nature as an intelligent awareness capable of communicating with us in infinitely creative ways. Now, with the waning of the Moon, we journey inward.
Life is a constant balance of outward expression and inward reflection, wax and wane, give and take, ups and downs, open and close, stop and go, fast and slow……. It is on these inward journeys that we integrate, balance and discover ourselves anew. It is on these inward journeys we discover our own limitless depth, wild intelligence, and creative expansion. It is on these inner journeys we cultivate our own sixth sense, our intuitive guidance, and the powers of the imaginal realm. As above so below. As within so without.
Now, we venture inward to explore the wildness within. Are you ready? Let’s do it!
Here are the five steps towards taking your unique inner journey. Notice, the 5 steps posted here are also a reflection of the outer journey steps we went through in our last post. Only this time, the voice of Nature is within you….
1. Prepare Yourself.
Create a personal ritual of preparation. This could be as simple as taking three conscious deep breaths, setting up an altar space, honoring the elements and invoking the directions. Whatever helps you relax, ground and center. Make it personal. Write in your journal to clear some space. Light a candle and smudge, or anoint yourself with a soothing essential oil. Intentionally pour, bless and drink a tall glass of water!
Prepare for your inner journey with the same reverence and receptivity as you would an outer journey. Cleanse your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for communion with your inner divinity. Cultivate a sense of honor and reverence towards yourself as an aspect of Nature, capable of the extraordinary. Be grateful for the blessings within your inner world. The spirit within is waiting, sometimes we just need to clear the space in our hearts and heads to be receptive to what is already there.
2. Set an intention.
Get clear on your intention for this journey inward.  Your intention could be to journey for guidance with a current issue, connect with and receive wisdom from your higher self, take lessons from your ancestors, receive blessings for healing, meet your spirit guides, discover your inner wild, release past hurts and resentments, or what have you. Be creative and purposeful with your intention. The stronger your intention, the more potent your experience. Setting your intention is like setting your inner compass towards that which you seek, wish to experience, know, or cultivate within.
3. Create Space
Choose a time and space where you won’t be interrupted. Turn off any potential distractions. Put on some relaxing music, or even use a shamanic drum journey soundtrack. Grab a blanket and pillow if it helps you feel supported into going deeper. Treat this experience as a sacred pilgrimage into your inner realms. Whether you are journeying for five minutes, or an hour, honor this time and space as sacred in an of itself.
4. Crossover the threshold.
With your journey just before you, repeat your intention three times. Close your eyes. Deepen your breathing. Relax your body. Still your mind. Use your breath to deepen into your experience. Use your focus to ignite your intention. Use your imagination as the doorway into your unfolding self. Go inward. Journey through your heart. Discover the world waiting for you there. You may find yourself journeying to your own magical place, high above the Mountains, deep below the Sea, or lying in stillness along a sunny seashore. You may find yourself walking through your own enchanted forest, or flowery meadow. You might fly with an eagle, swim with a great whale, or ride a wild stallion. You might rest in the arms of the Great Mother, or float down a winding river in the velvety bloom of a lotus. Let your journey take you where it will. Surrender to the unknown within and experience the power of your divinity on this inner journey through your wild realms.
5. Honor your experience.
Give thanks to yourself and what you experienced on your inner journey. Journal about your discovery, write down any nuggets of truth and wisdom received, or simply bask in the bliss of your own relaxed state. Know that we hold the capacity to seek and answer our own questions, create our own healing, and journey far into the wild realms of our spirit and beyond. Honor your inner space as you would a Nature reserve full of wildlife, beauty, and mystical surprises. The sanctuary of the wild exists within us. We are one!
Enjoy the stillness. Take the pause. Experience the Journey.
Wild and Free, Natural Mystic

Wildness Within

“Wildness is often viewed as a bad thing, a state of being out of control. But this is not so, for it represents the primal state of natural things, beyond the reach of human interference. The Wild is a place of eternal elemental powers, which those who enter may contact. If we return to the wild periodically, either in reality or through an inner journey, we are offered the chance of deep inner psychic renewal. In the Wild, we can contact the ‘Wild Wo/Man’ within us, reconnecting ourselves with our inner instincts. Within the elemental powers of the Wild, the artificiality of the everyday world of human competition and banality is replaced by the possibility of communion with Nature, and the promise of fulllfillment of our true natural selves.”

-Nigel Pennick, Natural Magic

This Wildness Within NATURA Journey is threaded with core shamanic practices to guide us towards a deeper merging with universal spirit. Discover the many teachers within nature, the infinite voice of spirit and the messages they have for us through the ancient teaching of Core Shamanic Practices. United in ritual and diving deep into our own personal experiences, we learn to see, hear, feel, and know our world in a new way.
Our transformational experience takes us back to the practices of ancient spiritual traditions including ceremony, ritual, interpreting lessons from nature, the shamanic journey, song, dance and story. Prepare to meet and greet the spirit of the Osa Peninsula and her unbounded power while we take an inner journey to reveal our own wildness within. Discover the many teachers within nature, the infinite voice of spirit and the messages they have for us.


Our practice begins rooted in the eternal present uniting mind, body, and spiritual awareness. We explore myth and archetype, symbols and synchronicities, along with ancient beliefs and traditions. We walk an old path in a wild world, developing witness consciousness as we rekindle all our senses and learn to observe and feel through the lens of the sacred.

We learn to sing our soul song and dance ourselves into empowered ways of being. We interpret the teachings of Nature, guided from within, and explore the many ways she reveals herself to us. We open the faculties of the mind and explore the portals in between. We become the bridge, grounding powers unique to our own wildness within, and embodying them into the here and now.


Our journey takes us to the secluded nature wonderland of the untouched Osa Peninsula. This is where wildlife rules and we’ll be learning from it every step of the way. The Osa Peninsula is home to at least half of all the species that live in Costa Rica and declared “one of the most biologically intense places on earth” by the National Geographic Magazine! It is home to many of the country’s rare and endangered species including the puma, jaguar, Harpy Eagle and Scarlet Macaw.

The Osa Peninsula is a marine mammal mecca, being home to 24 different species of dolphins and whales, both migratory and residential. It is celebrated as the world’s best, both for whale watching and wildlife viewing. It is here that we begin our Wildness Within Journey, along the tranquil warm waters of Golfo Dulce. We will be diving into a flow of new insights, expanding perceptions and wild discovery as we come to know and experience the essence of the Osa.

Joining a team of local marine-life researchers who have studied the area for years, we journey into the heart and soul of experience itself. Imagine dolphins at play just beside the boat. Feel the swell and blow from whales breeching, surfacing, and swimming with their young. This is where magic is born and bred. This is where the wildness within rises up to breath.

To the humpback whales of the world, the Golfo Dulce serves as the legendary birthing bowl and protective nursing pool for whales from both Southern and Northern Hemispheres. Whales from the South journey up to 11,500 miles, some of them coming all the way from Antarctica, and can be seen in the Osa from late July to early November. Northern Hemisphere humpbacks arrive in Costa Rica waters around late October and stay until late April, making the Pacific and gulf waters of the Osa Peninusla one of the only places in the world where Northern and Southern Humpback whales co-exist.

With a large chunk of the peninsula forming Corcovado National Park, this area has the single largest expanse of a lowland tropical rainforest in Central America and is one of the tallest rainforests in the world. During our stay on the Osa Penninusla we’ll be joining a research team at El Chontal along the shores of Rincón de Osa to participate and gain insight with their study of the bottle nose dolphins that frequent the warm waters of the Golfito. Besides dolphins at play, we’re likely see the blow of humpback whales surfacing with young since the Gulf’s Caldera has been the birthing grounds and nursery for these gentle sea-giants for centuries.
After our initial stay at El Chontal Research Center diving into the Colfo Dulce’s whale and dolphin discoveries, we journey onward into the wild to Finca Exotica Eco-Lodge. Finca Exotica is the only beachfront property in this pristine area of Costa Rica, and the closest place to Corcovado National Park accessible by car. Corcovado is Costa Rica’s emerald gem. It is the pristine wild, abundant with a diversity of life, protected and preserved. Corcovado is alive in all ways. She is a land vast and varied, both pristine and rich beyond measure. Corcovado is home to some of the great mysteries of the wild like the Jaguar, Harpy Eagle, Tapir, Ant Eater, many wild cats, various monkeys, incredible bird life, and an array of insects that will blow your mind.

Check out NATURA Journeys for more information and stay connected with our Wildness Within Facebook Event Page. 

Keep it Wild!